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The Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (JICLT) is a peer-reviewed free open-access scholarly journal dedicated to furthering the understanding of international commercial law and technology. It is published by the International Association of IT Lawyers (IAITL). The journal is a quarterly publication in online formats. By publishing on-line, a scholar’s research is made available more quickly and is available to those who do not have access to a well stocked research library. Submitted articles are reviewed anonymously and are subjected to a rigorous editorial process. The journal aims to stimulate research and become a major publication which will provide an opportunity for academics, practitioners and consultants from different backgrounds to discuss the significant legal developments in commercial law and diverse aspects of information technology. We invite authors to submit original manuscripts for consideration ranging from full articles to book reviews.

Vol 9, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


“Where Does a Wise Man Hide a Leaf?”: Modernising the Laws of Disclosure in the Information Age PDF
Denise Wong 206-213
Fine-Tuning Vietnam’s Electronic Transactions Law To Promote Growth in E-Commerce PDF
Stephen E. Blythe 214-228
Variability of fair and equitable treatment standard according to the level of development, governance capacity and resources of host countries PDF
Lawal Oluwaseun Sadiq 229-235
Private Law and State Paternalism: Too Much Legal Regulation of Private Life? PDF
Carlos A. Rohrmann, Cristiane Rego 236-248
Fighting counterfeiting: Importance of enforcement of intellectual property rights PDF
Khadijah Mohamed, Ratnaria Wahid 249-257
A Cobweb of Exception to Copyright Law for Research Purposes PDF
Ratnaria Wahid, Khadijah Mohamed 258-268
Comparative Legal Study of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UK and China PDF
Fang Zhou 269-284
Digital content and the definition dilemma under the Sale of Goods Act 1979: Will the Consumer Rights Bill 2013 remedy the malady? PDF
Althaf Marsoof 285-293
Data Mining and Data Matching: Regulatory and Ethical Considerations Relating to Privacy and Confidentiality in Medical Data PDF
Thilla Rajaretnam 294-310

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